Minggu, 07 Juni 2009


I don't really like moving to Topeng. It feels a lot more hotter and its more far away from the Administrator Building. At least it is only one week we are going to stay here..


Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

My PYP Exhibition Reflection

My PYP Exhibition  

 First Day:  On the first day, I felt really nervous. This was normal for me, I’m sometimes nervous for no reason. Also because this was the first time that I ever did an exhibition. I was very tense when I had to present in front of so many people.

      I was also feeling tense when presenting at the booth, I don’t know how, I don’t know why. I was afraid I would give the visitors the wrong info. I was also afraid because younger children came. What if I messed up?, I would be humiliated..

      Many people went to my booth, but sometimes my group members would run away somewhere to other booths. I’ll make sure they don’t do that tomorrow. One of the grade 1 students asked me a question that I thought was very funny. He said, “Mataram is Indonesia right?”.

      Today, there were good parts and bad parts. The good part was, nobody asked us questions about our presentation. The bad part was that we were so bored that we had to wait for visitors to come.  In our presentation, I was a risk-taker because I was brave enough to speak in front of so many people!

    I also had to play piano in the opening and at lunch time, while I played my slideshow about Sumbawa. I compiled some of my photos in Sumbawa and made it into one movie. I was also a risk-taker when I had to do that. I hope we can do better tomorrow…


   Second Day:  Today, I have accomplished my task. I made sure than none of my group members would run away again like yesterday. Today, I was also relieved because it was the last day of the exhibition. Phew.. Today grade 4-7 went to our exhibition.

   We had a terrible day today. We had to do our presentation 3 times! That was scary.. Mr. Rick came to our 2nd presentation and asked us two questions. We were able to answer them. I was a risk-taker and knowledgeable because I could answer the questions that we got.

   My parents didn’t come today but they came yesterday. So many people came to our booth today, more than yesterday! They asked lots of more questions than the visitors that came yesterday.

    Today, Ms. Indah came, she is the owner of the school. We played Leo’s game with her and we also played Zaky’s quiz. We made a quiz that was based on the TV show called” Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” Min soo and Johnny won for us! Against two adults, the other adult was Ms. Elizabeth.

    We really LIKED playing that came and the good thing was that we won! The other good thing is that Ms. Indah is going to give us a box of J. Co donuts each. The exhibition was a real experience for me and I hope we can do the exhibition again. BRING IT ON TEACHERS!